Fungal infections on the rise…

…as per the CDC. And, one of the challenges in managing is identification:

“Fungal diseases are an increasingly common problem for clinicians, but remain in many cases unrecognized until late in the course of disease, making them much more challenging to treat.

“Reports of fungal infections are on the rise throughout the world. Some of these reports describe fungi not previously thought to be human pathogens (such as those that caused the outbreak of fungal meningitis), and some describe the emergence of known pathogens with new virulence mechanisms or appearance in new geographic areas.”


And herein lies the beauty of the Morphogenic Field Technique. An MFT practitioner is not attempting to isolate organisms (potentially from difficult locations – heart biopsy?) and match it to potentially toxic chemicals. An MFT practitioner is reading and matching energies to bring the body into balance. Energies that can show up long before symptoms may manifest. And a balanced body functions well, without symptoms!

Managing Mercury Contamination

Forest fires release up to 44 tons of mercury into the air each year. (see links below)

It’s almost impossible to avoid some mercury contamination. I see people every day that have some degree of exposure.

What to do? There are so many detox/chelation products and programs, how do we know which one is right?

I use the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) to match the most appropriate therapy to a patient’s energy field. The results speak for themselves.

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