Evidence of vaccine failure

From Sciencemag.org:

Whooping Cough Vaccine Does Not Stop Spread of Disease in Lab Animals

“The researchers infected four groups of baboons , each group containing three or four babies, by anesthetizing the animals and dripping a pertussis-containing solution into their noses. One group had already received the standard three doses of the acellular vaccine; a second received the whole-cell vaccine. Members of the third group had previously had whooping cough. Those in the fourth group had not had the disease and received no vaccine before being exposed.

As expected, the unvaccinated baboons developed severe whooping cough, while the baboons that had been sick previously remained well, the research team reports today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Both groups of vaccinated animals also remained healthy. However, the germ persisted an average of 35 days in the throats of baboons vaccinated with the acellular shot, though it grew less thickly than it did in the throats of the sick, unvaccinated animals. Baboons vaccinated with the whole-cell shot harbored the germ for 18 days, and it did not grow at all in animals that previously had recovered from pertussis.

Read the article here: Whooping Cough Vaccine Does Not Stop Spread of Disease in Lab Animals

So much for the theory that it’s the unvaccinated that weakens herd immunity and spreads disease.

I have worked with many children whose immune system’s were not compromised by vaccinations and did contract pertussis. With the proper herbal and homeopathic support needed for their bodies, the infection was rather mild. And now all the children have a true community so that they will not harbor and spread the infection themselves. Added bonus: the little girls now have the ability to pass the antibodies on to their babies.