Do we subconsciously sabotage ourselves?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you, or someone else, repeats apparently unproductive, even destructive habits?

The subconscious is an interesting creature. Things that would make no sense at face value certainly can if we dig deeper. Some examples:

You take pleasure in someone else’s failure because it makes you feel superior to them.

You take pleasure in your own failure (by blaming someone else, life, God or circumstance. In other words, you find your innocence in failure).

You take pleasure in arguments because you get to see the other person as an idiot and feel morally superior.

You take pleasure in personal martyrdom. You feel you are a noble victim, better than others who are so obviously self-centered.

You take pleasure in rebelling against authority (and inviting correction and control) because it gives you a false sense of power (and leads to giving your power away).

You take pleasure in rejection because it confirms that others are mean and small minded.

You take pleasure in helplessness because it lets you off the hook.

You take pleasure in not getting what you want because it proves how selfless you are.

You take pleasure in extreme frustration because it proves how hard you are trying and how stupid and uncooperative other people can be.

But why would things get so twisted?

Emotions lodged – trapped or hidden – in the body/subconscious can certainly influence thoughts/feelings/behaviors from behind the scene. But we needn’t be subject to unseen forces. Releasing them can be surprisingly easy – no hours of therapy sessions waiting for the “ahah” moment, no sifting through painful memories..

The Emotion Code is pleasantly surprising in it’s ease and effectiveness. Give the office a call and find out if this approach is what you’re looking for!