Antibiotic overuse leads to 75K deaths per year in US hospitals…

That’s approximately 200 per day. Bugs are smart. They’re evolving. We’re running out of pharmacological options to kill them off.

Here’s a thought – naturally strengthen the immune system so it can do it’s job.

Example: 2 weeks ago my little girl could not go to her friends house to play as 3 of the 4 residents had “strep throat”. She had been there the previous 2 days. Sure enough the next day she’s complaining of a sore throat. It was diagnosed as strep off a reagent swab in the M.D.’s office her mom had taken her to (..would a jury convict me?). After a quick MFT eval that evening 2 products were identified to balance and expand her Field. When I checked on her mid-morning the next day she was jumping on the couch. That evening she informed me her throat was all better. She was back to school the next day. Pain from strep throat lasting little more than 24 hrs is a lot better than I experienced when I was her age.

I’m not advocating the dogmatic avoidance of antibiotics. If she did not improve in short order I was fully prepared to go ahead with her prescription. But her immune system was able to deal with the situation given the proper support.

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